Thursday, September 1, 2022



HUNGER 4 REVIVAL - Together Again!!


After months of pressing in with the LORD separately, and each experiencing further pruning and refining by God's trustworthy hand, the team is coming back together again for a  HUNGER 4 REVIVAL reunion!!

The LORD has opened a door for us in Morgantown, West Virginia where some of the team have been heeding the call here to "Ready His Bride," and to join Him in going after His sheep who have been rejected by the world and by the church.

"For thus says the LORD GOD: "Indeed I Myself will search for 
My sheep and seek them out...  I will seek what was lost and 
bring back what was driven away, bind up the broken 
and strengthen what was sick... 
And I, the LORD will be their God...."  

(Ezekiel 34:11,16,24a)


God wants to walk together with His people in the Garden again!  He wants to set His people FREE of all the things which get in the way of truly walking with Him....

  • A lack of real relationship with God the Father, through Jesus Christ...

  • Pride...

  • Self-focus...

  • Religion and tradition...

  • Control...

  • Cursing instead of blessing each other with our words...

  • Self-appointed plans and efforts instead of joyful, absolute surrender to God and waiting on HIS plans and HIS ways...  &

  • Treating people with a lack of love and mercy and truth...

"If you abide in My Word, you are My disciples indeed. 
And you shall know the TRUTH, 
and the truth shall make you FREE..... 
Therefore if the Son makes you free, 
you shall be FREE INDEED."  

 (John 8:31b-32,36)

We are so excited to SEEK GOD'S FACE together again, 
and we'd love for you to JOIN US!   We look very much forward 
to pressing in together with you, and laying our burdens down 
at the LORD's feet, so He can work in us more deeply HIS thoughts,  
HIS ways, and the fullness of walking in the joy and peace  
of His Holy Spirit - hearing and heeding HIM moment by moment!



       See you soon!

    - The Hunger 4 Revival Team




1400 Saratoga Avenue

Morgantown, WV  26505  


(1/4 mile from WVU stadium, just 

past Morgantown Express Lube 

on Saratoga Avenue) 

Wednesday 10/5/22 -- 6:30 pm - PRAYER
Thursday 10/6/22 ----- 6:30pm - COFFEE, FELLOWSHIP, WORSHIP
Friday 10/7/22 ------- -- 10am-12pm - 3pm-5pm - and 6:30pm
Saturday 10/8/22 ------ 10am-12pm - 3pm-5pm - and 6:30pm 

On-Site Hotel Rooms Available  
(1 Full bed - 2 Full beds - or 1 King)
Text/Call:  609-707-3476 for room info.


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