Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Video: We Visited a Ukrainian Church in Sacramento, CA!

We were invited by the pastor of “God Will Provide”, a Ukrainian Church located in Sacramento, California to share some testimonies and talk about our upcoming Hunger 4 Revival event on March 30th - April 1st.

Monday, March 13, 2023

Hunger 4 Revival Event in Sacramento, CA March 30th - April 1st

Attention to all our California friends and family in the Lord. We are holding the next Hunger 4 Revival event March 30th - April 1st. Come hungry for the Lord. He is moving and changing lives.

This is a FREE Event!

Come and witness a 3-day conference where abandoned worship, intercessor prayer, sound preaching, miracles, healings, and wonders will break out. 

Hunger 4 Revival is a fleet of families who have sold everything to follow Jesus and travel in mobile buses all over America. Their ministry team consisting of multiple families believe in bringing sustainable revival through the gospel that will continue throughout America.

This event will be held at:

Victory Church
6831 Savings Pl
Sacramento, CA 95828

Event Layout:
Day 1
Thursday, March 30th @ 6:30PM
Day 2
March Friday 31st - Morning session @ 10:00am, Afternoon session @ 3pm
Revival Night- 6:30pm
Day 3
April 1st - Morning session @ 10:00am, Afternoon session @ 3pm
Revival Night- 6:30pm

Momentum is building, revival is here, come and witness all the things Holy Spirit will do on these days and be revived to your full potential in Christ for your life!

See you there!

Video: Powerful Awakening in St. George, Utah | Hunger 4 Revival

Our time in St. George, Utah was very special. As soon as we arrived we recognized a genuine hunger for the Lord before the event even started. We had a lot of anticipated to see what the Lord had in store. He shocked us all with a very intense presence of the Lord that resulted in healing, deliverance, salvations and baptism. God is so good!