Thursday, March 10, 2022

Video: My Soul Waits: Reviving Pensacola | Hunger 4 Revival

Our Pensacola, Florida event was our 11th Hunger 4 Revival Tour event. It was a weekend of God’s sweet presence, physical healing, personal prophesy, deliverance and the family of God loving on each other. Every event has been very different, and why shouldn’t it be? God is alive and with different gatherings of people we should encounter a fresh, different move of His Spirit. As we came together worshiping an awesome, mighty loving God some experienced deliverance. Heavy hearts were lightened as the team ministered with genuine love to individuals that attended the meeting. The mighty power of the gospel pricked hearts bringing forth repentance that lead to baptism washing away years of bitterness. We shall continue to be transformed and made more like Jesus as we enjoy God while He works in us and through us. Thank you Jesus for letting us be apart of what you are doing.

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