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Words cannot express the things we saw the LORD do this past weekend in Springfield, Missouri.  We saw Him touch people in such a real and powerful way!  Deep repentance, deliverance, baptisms, marriages restored, forgiveness, and physical and emotional healing are just some of the things God orchestrated!  The power of God working amongst His people was so tangible.  He worked powerfully each and every time we came together throughout the entire weekend and beyond!

Though there was no set theme for the weekend, the LORD quickly set one for us, and it flowed through every part of the weekend.  Each teaching time, each prayer time, each time of worship became a deep, serious, intimate time of giving God REVERENCE and HONOR and GLORY for Who He truly is.  Each session built upon the next, as the LORD drew us into a deeper understanding of His sheer HOLINESS and complete WORTHINESS of ALL our attention and affection.

The teachings were strong and solid and unapologetically Biblical.  People were shaken by the Truth that "breaks the rock into pieces."  The worship and prayer that followed was completely Holy Spirit led, ending each time with many on their knees and faces before the LORD in repentance, crying out for more of Him.


For each one who has sought the LORD with their whole heart alone in the secret place, this weekend was such a beautiful time of uniting with like-minded brothers and sisters, the true Body of Christ, holding nothing back, simply pouring everything out together at the feet of our LORD GOD.... and He met us there... and we lingered... we didn't want to leave.  Many stayed and just let Him continue prompting in spontaneous, blatant, humble repentance together and beseeching Him to have His way in us.... 

When the weekend was over, it could be observed that though there hadn't really been a focus on the love of God, His love was felt by all in a much deeper, more profound way.  Love for God and for each other flowed naturally from seeing Him more clearly. 


Healing and deliverance from demons also flowed naturally from fixing our eyes completely on the LORD.  

All the hungry ones who traveled to Springfield this weekend expecting God to move came away deeply touched and affected by Him, with a strong desire to carry this deeper sense of awe and reverence for the LORD with us from this point forward.  

Thank You, Father, for all You've done.  You alone are worthy of all GLORY, HONOR and PRAISE!



But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.  (Matthew 6:33)



Hello everyone!!  I've been thinking about sharing my testimony with you from the kickstart.  I prayed about it and every single time I think about sharing, I get a warm feeling along with a nervous one.  So, I decided to share.

Before the kickstart, I felt a calling to go.  I had watched "The Last Reformation" video my freshman year, so I knew what I was getting into but I wanted to have experience so I can be bold and eventually do it on my own or learn.  I went to the building and met some amazing people #thebuslife.  My life changed.  Being in the presence of the Holy Spirit for that long, I had never experienced before and the more I was in it, the more I craved it.  In fact, when we would break for a couple hours to grab some food, I told my Grandma, "I miss them.  I can't wait to get back to the place where I can just worship God with my brothers and sisters."  I craved the Holy Spirit and saw that we were all intertwined with one another forever.  We get to spend eternity with God together and all we have to do is be a Disciple of Jesus.  I mean... it's not an easy journey.  Persecution comes and there will be times when our faith is tested and some of us will die for our faith.  But it's all worth it to spend eternity with Jesus.  God gave me the things I asked for, thank You, Jesus.  I have no fear of what tomorrow will bring.  "Through Jesus Christ, you can receive healing and deliverance."  I always knew that lesson but didn't know what to do to act it out.  I pray over our generation.  I'm talking to the teenagers out there:  "We are the next generation and every generation, they have an opportunity to learn and grow together.  This is it... We're being called to come together and share that Jesus Christ is real.  We get to show the youngest kids how to live for Christ.  I look forward to taking these next steps with you.  You are my eternal family.  Let's allow one another to hold each other accountable when we mess up.  Two is better than one because if one falls, the other person can pick him/her up from the ground.  We are the bride of Christ.  "Come let us reason together."  That's what this kickstart gave me.  I love you guys!  I look forward to seeing you again in Joplin, Missouri!

Your sister in Christ,

Shekinah Joy Sanchez




I started truly seeking God in real earnest over two years ago.  I was a liar and a cheater and mean as a rattlesnake.  I harbored anger and unforgiveness in my heart for people.  I heard God's call on my life and began to seek Him and had clarity of what God wanted of me.  Trust Him fully and stop running from Him.  Quit trying to take control and let Him do His work.  As I gained clarity I began stepping out in faith and God has rewarded that yet I still felt as if something was hindering my walk and obedience to the LORD.  Upon a revelation that I had never buried the old man when I was baptized, I was still carrying him around.  I didn't leave him in the grave and fully start anew.  God has gave me the opportunity to be obedient and I prayed on it and I truly repented of all my sins and buried the old man.  I can't count how many times I have listened to Pastor John call for us to do just this and his warning fell upon deaf ears.  I didn't think that my walk was being hindered until I finally chose to quit running from God.  As I sought out God's will I had what I'm calling my Isaiah moment.  I cried out to God and He called me and I stood and said, "Here I am, send me."  If you're not familiar with that, it's in Isaiah 6:8.  So in this, a ministry was put on my heart.  Knowing full well that God wanted me to run a marathon and not a hundred yard dash, I was in this for the long haul.  Yet something was not yet right.  I was still trying to carry around the old me.  God wanted me to submit to Him fully and take Ernest Ray out of His work and let Him take control.  So I did and who would have thought being obedient to our Master would be so wonderful.  How could the old me minister to those who needed me with all of my old baggage getting in the way of me listening and serving with a servant's heart?  I thank God for putting all of the Godly men and women in my life that has been guiding and mentoring me and those that have remained my dearest friends for so long.  I am going to attempt to list everyone out.  John English, Brian L, D Cole, Tim Parker, Shane Good, Cory Watt, Austin Sebastian Perkins, Waylon Wright Jenkins, Jarod Luba, Darrin Coy, Dean Chenault, Theresa Chenault, Michele English, Perry-Grace Fong, James Young, my wife Coral R Ray, and so many more.  You all have been chosen by God to somehow interact and be a part of God's plan for me.  Either by teaching, preaching, mentoring, supporting, praying, or whatever way or ways God has used you in my life, thank each and every one of you and praise God.  I fully know that I will be attacked by things not of this world, but I have the best Defender that has ever existed.  God have Your way with me and use me for Your glory God.  Thank You Jesus.

- Ernest Ray



When you know there is more so you follow the leading of God to attend a kickstart.  God MOVES, there was more.  You dove deeper.  Sin uncovered.  Meanings in messages became clearer.  Freedom at the cusp.  Burying the old heavy baggage.  The old man.  Coming up anew, FREE, and an all-baggage buried person.

Y'all I've not spoken in tongues for years.  But today it hit me in service and again after baptism.  There IS MORE!  Do YOU want more?  Let's talk!  There is sooo much we are missing!

- Coral Ray



Hi, my name is Sean.  I'm a 21 year old Christian.  I got introduced to your ministry a few months ago, and have not stopped watching your Bus Life videos ever since.  The video you just posted, "God Visits Us" really ministered to me.  When it got to the pastor praying for Ethan, I instantly felt a desire for that same experience.  I listened to your "Send Your Spirit" song and poured out my heart before the LORD.  The Holy Spirit touched me and I cried, shook under the anointing, spoke in tongues, and praised the LORD for an hour straight.  I feel renewed.  I needed another fresh touch from God.  I just wanted to let you know that your ministry has really impacted my life.  I'm so glad I came across your channel.  I pray God bless you, your family, and your friends and team for submitting to His will.  Thank you for letting the LORD use you and for being a blessing.  Love you all.  #revival 



Our next event will be held in Joplin, Missouri near the end of April.  We can’t wait to see the things the LORD will do among us!  Have YOUR WAY, LORD!!!!!!!

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